About The Factory

„Train Car Factory – Intercom“ JSC – Dryanovo is a plant with a 95-year history and since 27.12.2001 has a status of private property. It started from a cart workshop to become a leading manufacturer of passenger railway wagons in Bulgaria and the largest center for the repair and recycling of passenger and freight wagons in the Balkans.

„Train Car Factory – Intercom“ JSC – Dryanovo offers to its customers from the country and abroad repair, reconstruction and recycling of wagons, repair of freight wagons, production of special wagons with different uses on the basis of existing wagons according to the customer’s order.

The factory is carrying out capital and medium repair of all special purpose passenger and freight wagons manufactured in Bulgaria and other countries. More than 3000 wagons have been produced and upgraded, including 308 wagon series 2974 with disc brakes, 2233 covered freight wagons /Gabs/ series 181, 12 406 transport containers and factory wagon repair series 393 and 391. It performed recycling of 59 pcs. passenger wagons type Amp, Bmp and Bph on the basis of sleepers and first-class wagons. Modern technologies for the installation of all units and details on wagons, the production of new or the repair of worn and damaged spare parts were developed and implemented.

„Train Car Factory – Intercom“ JSC – Dryanovo is connected to the national railway network of Bulgaria with its own industrial railway branch and has well-equipped specialized halls for the production, repair and recycling of passenger coaches. Engineering and technological documentation, technology and technical equipment complying with the UIC regulations and instructions were developed and approved.

In August 2010, the Quality Management System of „Train Car Factory – Intercom“ JSC was audited and registered by Intertek Certification GmbH for compliance with the requirements of ISO 90012008. In July 2013 and May 2017, the QMS was recertified.

The machinery and facilities at the factory allow the following activities to be carried out:

Cutting and bending of complex metal constructions in a large nesting compartment. This allows the production and replacement of damaged parts and entire fields of the pages, roofs, front walls, flooring, interior walls, frames, beams, parts of braking systems and others;

Punching, stamping and cutting of details with varying degrees of complexity thanks to a variety of press technology and a unique set of presses and dies developed for the production of load-bearing structures of several series of wagons;

Lathes, milling and other mechanical machining of parts and assemblies in a well-equipped Mechanical Preparation Workshop. The workshop has machines allowing for the processing of large – dimensional details, which is particularly important in the repair, modernization and recycling of load – bearing structures – bogies, swing beams, frames, wagon coaches, roofs and others;

Welding and welding of ferrous and non – ferrous metals in a protective environment of CO2 and argon, allowing the implementation of technologies for restoration of bogie details, braking and draw gear;

Copying and plasma cutting; Upholstery and tailoring operations; Waterproof floor coverings;

Repair and revision of braking devices with drawing of diagrams, repair of brake cylinders – regulators in a specially equipped brake compartment;

Repair of all types of bogies in a bogie compartment with a dismantling and assembling rig under a test load, a spring calibration bench, a modernized gantry lathe, complete axle certification with the corresponding documents: Patterns No. 5 and No. 10 and Certificate for fitness;

Inspection and repair of roller bearings, control with all measuring instruments and induction technique for disassembly and installation of the internal bearing sleeves;

Revision, repair and installation of electrical systems and installations. Control of stands and test stations for complete testing of electrical installations and main switchboards;

Threshing of small and large products in specialized chambers, opportunities for full processing of wagons and locomotives in compliance with all norms in relation to the ecology and the security of labor;

Painting and firing of paint coatings in a specialized paint shop, which is at the level of modern European factories;

Scraping the functional overhead brakes of the wheel axles as well as replacing them with new axially split / two-disc / brake discs;

Revision, repair and testing of draw gear, shock absorbers, cisterns, etc .;

Testing of repaired wagons in a water density irrigation installation and measuring them with wagon scales;

Manufacture of spare parts for bogies, braking systems, doors, windows, heating and water installations, inspection of wheelsets, inspection and repair of brake valves and apparatuses, recovery of draw hooks, rebuilding of drawbar, woodworking billets, etc., beyond the monthly production program, on request.

The factory is certified by the Executive Agency „Railway Administration“ for: maintenance of passenger wagons according to Regulation №59 for safety management in the railway transport; maintenance of freight wagons according to Regulation (EU) 445/2011.

„Train Car Factory Plant – Intercom“ JSC – Dryanovo possesses the necessary technical and technological potential for carrying out any type of wagon repair according to the requirements of the Repair Regulations and considering the wishes of its customers.