On December 30, 2021 on the territory of „Vagonen zavod – Intercom“ Corp. in Dryanovo city the official presentation of the first coach of project „Sokol“ was made. The event was attended by representatives of various departments, media and other officials. The coach is built entirely with materials in accordance with environmental requirements. With the project „Vagonen zavod – Intercom“ Corp. wants not only to create the most modern type of coach in Bulgaria, but also to prove that something produced and manufactured as a project entirely in our country can meet the most modern requirements for quality and comfort in the sector. The coach itself will be made with energy obtained from alternative sources (it will be with a green stamp for production). The price of the coaches is significantly lower than those offered on the market, and the lead time is many times shorter than the offers of other companies in the sector. With the new coaches, BDZ can respond to the market against the freedom that the IV railway package gives to external transport companies.
The prototype will be presented at the world exhibition 2022 – Inotrans. In addition to the stand where the coach will be presented, it will be also shown on the track, along with the coaches of all leading companies in the sector in the world.

The project includes many other partner companies that accompany the construction of the prototype of „Sokol“ and to which the whole team of „Vagonen zavod – Intercom“ Corp. wants to thank for the efforts made, namely:

MDC is a leading company in the construction of interior design of wagons, locomotives and trams and operates throughout most of the European Union.
IBT is a company specializing in the preparation of new projects and documentation, based in Germany
DITRA – Representative of Solidworks – Bulgaria
C&G Kiel Italia s.r.l.
HabitAdd Ltd.