By decision of the Board of Directors in 2018 our team started the development of the Sokol project.
In the same year, together with teams from Ukraine and Germany, a coupe version of the B-84 coach was presented to BDZ Passenger Transport and Holding BDZ.
Series B – 84 was developed in the early 80’s by the BDZ Institute, in 1984 started production of the series at the „Andrey Zhdanov“ – Dryanovo plant.
A total of 307 coaches were produced, all produced at the „Andrey Zhdanov“ Wagon Plant in Dryanovo, and 316 units were worked on. These coaches are still the main part of the rolling stock of BDZ Passenger Transport.
Together with our international partners we were able at the end of 2019 to present a purchase-free version of BDZ Passenger Transport.
From the numerous meetings with representatives of BDZ Passenger Transport, we reached the latest version of our idea.
„Sokol“, as we call the project, is a complex proposal that complies with all modern requirements in rail sector and BDZ. The project includes class II coaches, class I coaches and specialized coaches for the transport of passengers with disabilities, as well as a buffet to fill the comfort of travelers for longer destinations.
Until the signing of the „Sokol“ contract, the plant realized many other commitments to meet the growing needs. First of all, building a new technological and design team. It includes the best experst in the railway sector in Bulgaria and young professionals. Currently, the project employs nearly 17 engineer – designers and technologists, who together with the teams of our partners from Ukraine and Germany managed to achieve results that meet the requirements.

Our partners are:

  • MDC – a leading company in the construction of the interior design of wagons, locomotives and trams and operates throughout most of the European Union.
  • IBT – a company specializing in the preparation of new projects and documentation, based in Germany.
  • DITRA – Representative of Solidworks – Bulgaria
  • KNOR BREMZE – Austria
  • IFE – Austria

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the „Vagonen zavod – Intercom“, we proposed the implementation of the project „Sokol“ to start in 2020. Considering that the B-84 series has been built on our territory, this is a huge advantage. At the moment, the modernization of the coach bogie has been developed and is being completely built;

  • the coach will be fully air-conditioned with 2 units;
  • modern seats for I and II class;
  • braking system 2021 of KNOR – BREMZE;
  • modern electric doors IFE;
  • modern interior;
  • video surveillance;
  • audio and video system
  • Information System;
  • vacuum toilets;
  • toilets for people with disabilities;
  • automatic ramps for people with disabilities;
  • new all-electric system
  • LED lighting.

BDZ will receive complete modern documentation of all units and aggregates.
For all units and aggregates there are prepared documents for operation and the corresponding insurance for the necessary periods.
The plant purchased from the representative office of „Solidworks“ in Bulgaria all the necessary software licenses.
We believe that the coaches will meet all modern requirements. We bought the most modern scanner for 3D scanning model 2020. Sufficient workstations of the constructors are equipped. A common system has been set up to work with external partners at Solidworks
A new modern training center, equipped with the appropriate modern equipment, was built for the training of the staff and subsequently of the BDZ representatives.
Many inspection devices (lasers, etc.) were purchased to help the designers for nearly BGN 1 million. The team gained enough new experience with the implementation of 3 contracts with BDZ. More than 100 capital and medium repairs have been made, a contract for recycling of wagons has been completed – the most modern in BDZ Passenger Transport.
For the 2020 World Exposition Inotrans bought a stand, but due to the pandemic it was postponed 3 times, it will be held on September 2022. In addition to the stand where we will present the cars, we have bought a place on the track, where „Sokol“ – a Bulgarian car will be shown.
Already in the 90’s BDZ manufactured several cars 0 series in order to show that in Bulgaria there can be car building. We continue and will implement this idea.
The coach is built entirely with materials in accordance with environmental requirements. The wagon itself will be made with energy obtained from alternative sources (it will be with a green stamp for production).
A new 2,800 m2 hall is being built just for „Sokol“ with new modern workshops.
A new hall of 1800 m2 is being built for the repair of bogies of the new wagons.
We are waiting for new CNCs to arrive to support production.
Hiring new young people with education makes us increasingly believe in our strength and capacity. We have no doubt that the team will implement this project.
And last but not least, more than 250 people work here, Bulgarians and feed more than 200 families. We continue to hire more workers.
The price of the wagons is significantly lower than offered. The deadline for implementation is much shorter than the proposals of other companies.
All details have been agreed and the terms of reference are according to the needs of BDZ.
With the new wagons, BDZ can respond to the market against the freedom that the IV railway package gives to external transport companies.
Many other Bulgarian companies are involved in the project, which accompanies the construction of Sokol.
We will be happy for anyone who decides to visit our factory and make sure that what is written above is real.